How To Look Like A Surfer

If you're trying to change up your look, one way to do it is to learn how to look like a surfer. You might not think that you are the surfer type, but you won't know until you try it out.

To look like a surfer, you will need:

  • Salt spray
  • Sunless tanning cream
  • Cutoff shorts or swim trunks
  • A shell necklace
  • A towel
  • A Frisbee
  1. Get some highlights. Surfers are known for spending days at a time in the sun and surf, and this tends to lighten their hair. Highlights can be tricky, so it's suggested that you get them done at a salon instead of doing them yourself. In addition, try to stick close to your natural hair color when getting highlights so that you don't look like an attention-seeking starlet. Use a little sea salt spray in your hair to achieve the perfect surfer look.
  2. Get a tan. Whether you decide to slather on the sunless tanning cream or hit the tanning beds or the beach, a nice tan will go a long way towards making you look like a surfer. Again, don't go crazy with the color, or you'll end up looking goofy instead of cool. If you're going to use a cream, choose something that has good recommendations and that increases your color gradually over time.
  3. Build your bod. Surfers aren't exactly ripped (in general), but if you want to know how to look like a surfer, you'll have to consider your muscles at some point. Go for tone instead of bulk. Just make sure that you look good with your shirt off. Speaking of which…
  4. Go shirtless. It takes a lot of guts, but walking around with no shirt and some cutoff shorts or swim trunks will definitely help your surfer look. Especially since after going to all the work of getting buff and tan, you'll want to show yourself off.
  5. Have a chill attitude. The most important part of the surfer look is the attitude. If you're not totally confident in yourself, your look is bound to fall flat. Smile a lot, laugh, and flirt as much as you can. Never lose your cool.
  6. Accessorize. Having a laid-back, surfer vibe means not being afraid of wearing some jewelry. You don't have to get an ear pierced, but do get a necklace to complete your surfer look (preferably one that includes any of the following: hemp, shells, stones, or shark's teeth). And it wouldn't hurt to carry around a towel and a Frisbee – and a surfboard, if you have one.


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