How To Look Like Tom Cruise

If you are like thousands of men around the country, you may be wondering how to look like Tom Cruise. Tom Cruise is one of the biggest movie stars alive and has had quite a long career. He first became a film star and heartthrob in the early 1980s. One of his first film roles was opposite Shelley Long, who would go on to "Cheers" fame, in the 1983 film "Losin' It." A lot of men would like to look more like the notoriously private, always lovable Tom Cruise. Here are some tips that will help you in that quest.

  1. First, you want to get the hair right. You don't have to dye your hair, but if you want to, remember that Tom Cruise has medium brown hair. To get the right style, have your hair stylist or barber contour your short haircut with tapered sides. It should go a bit over the collar and ears. At the crown of your head, make sure that your hair is short, so that it can stand up and be full, for that commanding, modern Hollywood hairdo that Tom sports.
  2. If you're very tall, make sure not to wear any lifts. If you're very short, you may want a slight lift to your shoe. Tom Cruise is known for not being too tall. He reports his height as five feet, nine inches.
  3. Get a healthy Hollywood tan. Don't sit in a tanning booth, though. Use a spray-on tanning product for optimal results, making sure beforehand that you are not allergic.
  4. Get the right wardrobe. You don't have to spend a lot of money, however. You should get a few casual blazers. A T-shirt and casual slacks work to complement a casual blazer. Opt for muted colors to most match the style of Tom Cruise.
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