How to Look Younger Than Your Age

If you are reading this article, it is probably because you want to know how to look younger than your age. You probably wonder how a 60 year-old celebrity can look like he is 40 years old. It's simple and it doesn't require a personal trainer, plastic surgeon or expensive hair products. All  you need is a little motivation and determination.  Here are some tried and true tips on how to look younger than your age:

  1. Eat better. The first thing you should do to look younger is put down the bag of chips and introduce your new young self to chicken, veggies and fish.  These foods not only help you feel younger, but they will also help you look younger. They have the vitamins and nutrients needed to help your body lose fat, gain muscle, grow new (younger) skin and more!  You also need to watch what you drink. Limit your beer (sorry, I know … I know) and drink water. You've heard before that water hydrates your skin and does wonders! It really does! Also, take vitamins to ensure that you are getting everything you need.
  2. Excercise. Toned skin looks better than wrinkly, fat skin. Muscles look better than flab. A toned and muscular body will obviously help you look younger than your real age.  Start out by doing a little cardio and add some weight training in with it. In a few months, you will look years younger!
  3. Take care of yourself.  Live your life with laughter and love and try to limit your stress. Stress really can take years off your life and age you really quick too! Smoking and drinking will also age you. By limiting alcohol, smoking and stress, you will be taking years off of your skin!
  4. Paralyze your wrinkles. Many people you want to look younger turn to botox. Botox is becoming a huge trend right now. Botox usually costs several hundred dollars. Unfortunately, results from these procedures are temporary and only last a few months. They can also make you have the "unmovable forehead" appearance.
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