How To Loosen Longboard Trucks

Your longboard trunks are a little tighter than you would like them to be and you would like to know how to loosen longboard trunks? When you first purchase a longboard the trunks tend to be a little stiff. You can either ride the board a while to loosen the trunks or just loosen them yourself. Looser longboard trunks makes it easier to turn, and allows you more leeway to lean to the right and to the left on your longboard. Looser trunks are required in order to do certain longboard tricks, especially when carving a longboard.  It is relatively easy to loosen longboard trunks.

To loosen longboard trunks you need:

  • longboard
  • adjustable wrench
  • Phillips screwdriver


  1. Lay longboard upside down on flat surface. Flip the longboard so that the wheels are facing upwards. Make sure that the board is laying on a flat sturdy surface. This makes it easy to be able to change the longboard trunks.
  2. Loosen the longboard trunks. Locate the longboard trunks near the wheels. Adjust the wrench to the right size to fit the bolts on the longboard trunks. Take a Phillips screwdriver and hold the screw on top of bolt tightly in place. Take the wrench turn the bolt a few times to the left to loosen the longboard bolt. 
  3. Test the longboard. When you are done loosening the bolts flip the longboard back over on its rightside. Take the longboard for a test ride to see if the longboard trunks are loose enough to your liking. If needed, loosen the trunks a little bit more; otherwise enjoy your new ride on your longboard.
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