How To Lose Fat From The Tricep Muscle

No matter how much you workout the back of your arms, the only way to lose fat from the tricep muscle is through a strict diet and exercise. You can do millions of reps and unless you control the amount of fat in your diet, you won’t see any visible results.

Many people have problems developing this muscle. This is because not only of its placement, but its ability to be used less often then other muscles. It takes hard work, and dedication to learn how to lose fat from the tricep muscle. Follow these guidelines to lose weight and firm up this very temperamental muscle.

  1. It is essential to warm up and stretch the tricep muscles before working them out. By stretching these muscles, you will be able to give them an effective workout and decrease the likelihood of muscle fatigue or muscle strain.
  2. Do some cardiovascular exercise, such as jumping rope or get on the treadmill. Work up a good sweat for about 20 to 30 minutes.
  3. In order to give the tricep muscle an effective exercise, strength training is needed.  However, it is not just strength training that sheds fat from this muscle; it is combining fat burning exercises plus highly concentrated movements. Since the heart rate is up, you can now begin strength training.
  4. Pick a lightweight to start with and gradually go up to a medium weight. Do tricep extensions. Do three sets of twelve to fifteen repetitions on each arm three times a week.
  5. Do tricep dips. Only perform these on a sturdy chair. These are great for targeting the triceps and give them an excellent workout. Do ten to fifteen reps. Depending on your fitness level you can make these even more challenging by going deep and holding the position for a few seconds each rep. For an easier version, shorten how deep you go. You can also bring the legs closer to you.
  6. Once you have completed the two exercises, make sure to stretch out the tricep muscle. You will be sore, but stretching the muscles out will decrease the magnitude of soreness in the tricep area.

Follow these guidelines to learn how to lose weight from the tricep muscle. With enough time of combining strength training and cardiovascular workouts you will notice a change in the definition in your tricep muscles.

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