How To Lose Loose Skin After Weight Loss

Learn how to lose loose skin after weight loss without surgery. We may feel good after we lose weight, but what about the hanging skin? That creates another battle to deal with. Fortunately, there are some things that could be done about it, and we may not be doomed with the flabbiness after all.

  1. Eat lots of protein. Protein is the building block for muscle. Muscle is good, because it fills the skin without making it look unattractive the way body fat does. Without enough protein in your diet, it could actually make the loose skin worse during losing weight. The body may be eating at the muscle to get it's desired daily protein if the body is not getting enough.
  2. Start a weight lifting routine. Weight training or weight lifting is smart before and after losing weight. If you lift weights before losing weight, it prevents loose skin by making your muscles bigger. Muscles are a lean mass, so more of it will not make you look bigger. Body fat is the enemy and may even be a contributor to the loose skin. Be thoughtful to lift the right amount that agrees with the image you may be trying to get. Lifting too much or too little could result in undesired results.
  3. Try more dieting. Sometimes, body fat is trapped in the sagging skin and needs to be burned off before the skin can revert. The person may be at their desired weight, but more dieting may be essential when trying to lose the loose skin. This is due to the fact that the body fat sitting in that particular spot of your skin has not been burned of yet. Once a fat cell is filled, it cannot move to another part of your body. So, burning the excess body fat sitting in the excess skin could definitely help lose the loose skin.
  4. Drink lots of water. Water improves the elasticity of the skin. Water hydrates the body and adds fluid to the skin. The water makes the skin appear more firm and less loose. Many people who stay hydrated may start to see improvement after the third day. Studies have shown that drinking at least half your body weight in ounces of water a day is enough.
  5. Try a firming lotion. There are tons of firming lotions out there on the market. Find the right one that may work for you. Be sure to give it time, because nothing works instantly. Being patient is important when using products to alter the body.


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