How To Lose Water Weight Naturally

Knowing how to lose water weight naturally is essential to avoiding the potential side effects of medications designed to promote this particular type of weight loss. As a matter of fact, fluid retention is a source of weight gain for men and women alike that may easily be treated. While many may turn to diuretics, there are ways to naturally lose and prevent water weight gain. Through manipulation and utilization of all natural elements and products, water weight gain can often be controlled.

  1. SODIUM. Decreasing sodium intake can help prevent and eliminate water weight. Cutting back on table salt alone however, is simply not enough. Various food and beverage products are often packed with sodium. Soda drinks and sauces are often laden with sodium as well. While cutting back can aid in losing water weight naturally, it's important to keep in mind that the body does require sodium. Therefore, it is important that he check with his physician regarding individual sodium needs, especially if there are other health concerns.
  2. CAFFEINE. Numerous beverages have diuretic properties that can help him lose water weight naturally. Although caffeine may not be much assistance in shedding excess pounds, it can help eliminate water retention. The best sources of caffeine for control and maintenance of water weight gain is generally coffee or tea. Many soft drinks also contain large amounts of caffeine but are a source of considerable amounts of sodium and should be avoided.
  3. JUICE. Fruit juice is not only good for overall health and a great source of vitamins but can be used to lose water weight naturally. Cranberry juice in particular is quite a powerful diuretic. In addition to "flushing" an infected bladder, cranberry juice can quickly and efficiently aid in losing water weight.


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