How To Lose Weight After Gallbladder Is Removed

Following a cholecystectomy, removal of the gallbladder, many patients wonder how to lose weight after the gallbladder is removed. Prior to gallbladder surgery patients are place on a low fat diet to lessen the symptoms of inflammation of the gallbladder. However, after gallbladder surgery many people find that they pack on the pounds. After gallbladder removal the body absorbs food quicker, unlike prior to the surgery, thus increasing the amount of calories stored and weight gained. Losing weight after gallbladder removal may be challenging, but it is not impossible.

  1. Continue Low Fat Diet – To lose weight after gallbladder surgery, continuing on a low fat diet is a good idea. In addition to reducing weight, a low fat diet can also decrease the chances of developing heart disease and certain types of cancer. However, be careful not to completely remove fats from your diet at the risk of developing gallstones.
  2. Foods to Avoid – After gallbladder removal, some people fall into the trap of thinking they can eat anything they want given their body can now process many foods it previously could not. However, when trying to lose weight after gallbladder removal, some of these same foods should still be avoided. Processed, fast foods, many dairy products and foods high in Trans fats should not be consumed after gallbladder surgery to avoid excessive weight gain.
  3. Increase Intake of Protein and Fiber Rich Foods –  Foods high in protein and fiber can help regulate digestion after gallbladder surgery and increase the chances of losing weight after the gallbladder is removed. Food like lean cuts of beef, pork, fish and chicken in addition to fiber rich fruits vegetables and whole grains can help ward off weight gain after gallbladder surgery. Additionally these types of foods to reduce the risk of diabetes and heart disease in addition to obesity.
  4. Exercise – In order to be successful at losing weight with any type of diet program, exercise is highly recommended. Exercising to lose weight after gallbladder surgery can help melt away excess pounds quicker than eating a proper diet alone. Aim for at least twenty minutes of exercise at least four days a week in order to lose weight after gallbladder surgery and keep the pounds off.


Diet After Having My Gallbladder Removed

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