How To Lose Weight To Get A Girlfriend

Feeling a little pudgy and wondering how to lose weight to get a girlfriend? While some chicks dig larger men, there's nothing wrong with shedding pounds. It's a healthier lifestyle that ensures you will live a long, happy life. Lose the weight, gain a girl!

  1. See a dietician. You might need a kick start to learn how to lose weight to get a girlfriend. If you have a long history of poor eating habits, visit a dietician. Your physician can recommend a professional to assist with diet planning. You are what you eat, so be sure to consume healthy foods.
  2. Exercise. Eating right is a start, but it must be combined with exercise in order to lose weight to get a girlfriend. Your physician can help with an exercise regimen if you're unsure what to do or you can join a gym. Personal trainers are also available to help with weight loss, but if you incorporate daily walks, stretching and light sports activity, this will help, too.
  3. Build your confidence. Depending on how overweight you are, you may want to build your confidence while losing weight to get a girlfriend. You don't want to relapse after working so hard to take off the pounds, so be sure to find ways to bolster your self-esteem.
  4. Visualization. Visualize the new you and you will find it easy to lose weight and get a girlfriend. Athletes do it, so why not you? Picture yourself in shape and with a pretty girl by your side. If you are able to become who you want mentally, you will manifest it physically.
  5. Portion control. The end of the rope is not giving up, but perhaps giving up eating so much food. No one would tell you to become anorexic, but do you really need five pancakes for breakfast or an entire pizza for lunch? Being in good shape means eating the right portions. It's easy to lose weight to find a girlfriend when you have strong goals coupled with good results. Monitor your progress, have a strong support network and take it one step at a time.
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