How To Lose Weight On Treadmill

Losing weight in a healthy way is no easy task, but learning how to lose weight on a treadmill is an easy task to accomplish. Walking or running is the what humans were built for, and the treadmill takes advantage of this natural way to loose weight. The convenience of having a treadmill can also be a disadvantage so be sure to stick with your routine to loose as much weight as possible.

  1. Research treadmills online and in local stores to see which one will fit best with your lifestyle. If you are on a budget, look at local garage sales and on Craigslist. There are simply treadmills with one or two knobs, and there are more complicated systems with voice coaching and displays that feature an estimated number of calories lost during your workout. Running out and buying the first treadmill you see may help you loose some extra calories, but it may not be the most prudent choice.
  2. Set goals and put it on paper in front of or near your treadmill. Sounds so simple that many ignore this important step. While this could easily be out of sight and out of mind, keeping a visual reminder of what you expect from yourself can be a great source of motivation. Setting a goal of 30 minutes twice a day for a month to loose weight on your treadmill may seem like a daunting task in your mind, but once you have checked off the days you will see that it an achievable goal. To lose weight safely the body must shed 500 calories a day.
  3. Make sure to stretch before your work out. Stretching for about 10 minutes helps prevent any injury from sore or strained muscles. Many underestimate the injury potential for physical activity and are subsequently unable to exercise which pushes your goals back or negates your fitness goals on your treadmill completely.
  4. Allow time for a warm up and cool down during your treadmill exercise. It is unhealthy for the heart to exert extreme physical force without a proper warm up and cool down. Use two to five minutes in your treadmill workout to help prevent injury or burnout.
  5. Use the incline feature found on most treadmills. Using this feature allows you to increase your heart rate and consequently burn more calories and lose weight without increasing the speed of your treadmill.
  6. Keep a constant exercise routine for one to two weeks. Once your body has acclimated to the required amount of physical activity, you can begin to increase the amount of stress of your routine. By increasing speed, duration, and incline you are on your way to burning calories and lose weight consistently!
  7. Maintain a low calorie diet. Eating in a healthy manner is crucial in successfully losing weight on a treadmill. Avoid foods high in unsaturated fats as the human body quickly stores this fat. Consult your physician or dietician if you are unsure of what kind of diet you should be on to maximize loosing weight on your treadmill. Decreasing your calorie intake my 250 calories a day will help you reach your goal of shedding 500 calories a day.
  8. Be consistent with your treadmill! Exercising periodically will only bring forth mediocre results. However, sticking with your workout routine and continuously increasing the stress of your exercise will help one seeking to loose weight. Look to your goal sheet for motivation and awareness of progress made to losing weight on your treadmill.



*Watch TV or listen to music while exercising to help time pass by.
*Avoid treadmill exercise on an empty stomach.
*Combine both your exercise goals and your meal plan into one sheet


*Secure your treadmill from children.
*Make sure you are properly hydrated. Dehydration causes fatigue and poor performance.


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