How To Lose Weight While Taking Insulin

Do you need to learn how to lose weight while taking insulin? While weight gain is a common side effect of taking insulin, it is still possible to lose weight.  Not only will your blood sugar be under control, but you'll also enjoy the benefits of a new, healthy physique.

  1. Get moving. Exercise is a key component if you want to lose weight. For diabetics, there is an extra benefit as exercise helps move sugar out of your blood and into your cells. Talk to your doctor before beginning a new exercise routine and start out with basic activities like walking or swimming.
  2. Keep track of your calories. There are several websites and online tools that can help you track your calories. If you're not the type to commit to tracking your calories online, break out a notebook and paper. The amount of calories needed varies from person to person so be sure to check with your doctor before restricting calories.
  3. Make better food choices. You can lose weight while taking insulin by opting for whole grains, fruits and vegetables. Cut out extra calories by filling up on a fresh salad before dinner. You don't need to skip dessert, just opt for a low-calorie snack, like sugar-free gelatin and a sugar free whipped topping.
  4. Pay attention to portion sizes. If you already eat a healthy diet, but you can't seem to lose weight, try adjusting your portion sizes. Many diabetics use an exchange system diet to help them balance their meals and portion sizes.
  5. Watch for hidden calories. Extra calories can sneak into your diet by way of beverages, condiments and even chewing gum. Get into the habit of reading nutritional labels.
  6. Don't skip meals. According to the Mayo Clinic, skipping meals can slow your metabolism, which leads to weight gain. Be sure to eat breakfast, lunch, dinner and a few snacks throughout the day so that you can still lose weight while taking insulin.


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