How To Lose Weight While Taking Prednisone

Knowing how to lose weight while taking Prednisone can make a serious impact on your overall health. Many individuals suffer from weight gain as a result of taking the drug Prednisone. Since it is most often prescribed to those with diseases of the lungs, becoming more active is not a simple solution. Despite the increase in appetite caused by taking this steroid, it is possible to lose weight while taking Prednisone.

  1. Exercise. Having decreased lung capacity may make it more difficult to exercise, but regular exercise is crucial to good health and weight loss. Simple aerobic activity, such as walking, can go a long way when trying to lose weight while taking Prednisone. Starting out small and keeping a steady pace, being sure not to get too winded, can help. If necessary, break up exercise into smaller time segments. Breaking one thirty-minute walk down into a couple throughout the day can be beneficial and help you lose weight.
  2.  Diet. To lose weight while taking Prednisone, a proper diet must be enforced. Since the medication can drastically increase hunger, you should be careful of what you eat. Keeping low fat, low calorie snacks around is important. It may also help to eat throughout the day, versus having three large meals. This will help reduce hunger. The majority of carbohydrates should come from fresh fruits and vegetables when you want to lose weight.
  3.  Water gain. Another undesirable effect of Prednisone is what is often referred to as "water weight gain." Fluid retention can often be responsible for some of the extra pounds that you are packing around. Losing water weight caused by taking Prednisone can also be managed through diet. Avoiding foods that are high in sodium and using alternative seasonings and flavor enhancements is recommended.


University of California Medical Center

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