How To Lose Your Virginity In Your ’20s

Here are some tips and strategies on how to lose your virginity in your '20s. Your virginity is a precious thing that should be shared with someone special. You are not weird or crazy for waiting this long to lose your virginity. Give yourself a hand for at least waiting until you are old enough and mature enough to handle your first sexual experience. Regardless of your age, you will be nervous the first time out of the gate. These suggestions should help you make the right decisions in losing your virginity. So you will have a memorable experience.

  1. Find the right person. You don’t just want to lose your virginity to the first hot girl that shakes her butt in your face. You’ve waited this long to lose your virginity; be selective. If you have a girlfriend that you care about there is a good chance she’s not a virgin. if you share that experience with her; someone who knows the ropes that may lessen your anxiety.

  2. Have her tested for AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases. Since you are a virgin, you haven’t been exposed to any sexually transmitted diseases, so don’t expose yourself now. So she want be offended tell her you will get tested as well. This will put her mind at ease knowing that you are such a responsible and caring person.

  3. Be honest about your virginity. Let her know you are about to lose your virginity to her. Sometimes girls expect guys to be the aggressor and take charge when it comes to having sex, but you will feel rather foolish if you find yourself in that position and don’t know what to do. It’s best to let her know and she can help guide you through it.

  4. Watch porn for educational purposes. It’s okay to watch a little porn to see the different types of sexual positions and get a few tips, but don’t expect it to be as explosive of an experience as it may seem on the porn video.

  5. Don’t be spontaneous. Don’t go out and get drunk hoping to have a good time and wake-up the next morning with your virginity gone forever. You will be kicking yourself later for that mishap.

  6. Make plans for that special day. Even though plans don’t always go the way you want, you can come pretty close. Go out to dinner. Have a special place you will want this glorious event to take place. Have a little wine chilling to take the edge off, and use candles instead of the bright light.

  7. Use protection. Make sure you double protected by using a condom to protect you from sexual transmitted diseases. Make sure you know the proper way to put on a condom. If she tries to convince you you don’t need on a condom, go running for the hills.

If you don’t have anyone to lose your virginity to, then it’s time to start mingling!

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