How To Lose Your Virginity

Learn how to lose your virginity when the moment is right. You can be scared and a little overwhelmed at the thought of losing your virginity. When is the right time or place to lose your virginity? How do you even know she’s special enough to lose your virginity to? Those are probably questions you have asked yourself. You have only one time to give up your virginity. You probably want that moment to be memorable. Obviously, you have decided losing your virginity is a milestone you are ready to reach. So here are some suggestions to help you make that leap from being a boy to a man.

  1. Know exactly how you want to lose your virginity. If you are hot in the pants, you might be eager to lose your virginity sooner rather than later. If that’s the case, a relationship may not be what you are looking for. You may be a virgin longer than you anticipate. Perhaps you should start cruising the bars and clubs looking for a horny girl who is ready and willing for some immediate action.
  2. Be Confident. If you are shy, this would definitely be the time to come out of your shell. You won't lose your virginity acting like you are scared to talk to girls. Don’t get choked up now, show confidence when approaching females. You need to stay focus and keep your eyes on the prize. That is getting a girl to take your virginity.
  3. Start dating. Now, if you prefer to be in a relationship when you lose your virginity, you need to start dating. Put yourself on the single scene and start socializing. Go to parties; find out where the local singles hang out. When you spot a girl you are attracted to, don’t be intimidated. Take a deep breath and go over strike up a conversation with her. Make it interesting.
  4. Keep condoms handy. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Always keep a couple of condoms close by for safe keeping. No one needs to know you are carrying condoms around. Please make sure they are not expired condoms; that could be disastrous. 
  5. Be honest with the girl you want to lose your virginity to. If you're honest and tell a girl you are a virgin, she may be a little excited to release you from your virginity. She will probably think it is special that she will be the first girl to be with you, definitely the one you will never forget. No one ever forgets the first time the deal was sealed.
  6. Plan the special day. Decide if you want it to be a daytime or nighttime event. Maybe you would prefer you first time to be spontaneous. You should think about that one. You will already be a ball of nerves, so it probably would be best to do a little planning. Would you like it to be “wham blam thank you mama” or do you want a little romance to entice you and get those sexual juices flowing.
  7. Relax your nerves. Perhaps you should drink a little mild wine to get you in the mood to lose your virginity. A little alcohol will help you let go of your inhibitions. Too much liquor will have you passed out wondering where your clothes are the next morning. Get ready for the fireworks in your head to explode as you enter into manhood.
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