How To Love My Wife

For harmony within a family, it's vital to know how to love your wife for everything she is and everything you two are together. If you wonder why you're in a relationship, there are a few ways to get into a better, more loving mindset.

  1. Love your wife for her uniqueness. Instead of wishing she was a certain way, appreciate her for exactly what she is. She may have  idiosyncrasies, but those are the mark of an individual personality. Learn to respect and appreciate each idiosyncrasy as a sign of individuality.
  2. Find beauty in her. Men are visually stimulated and crave physical beauty in order to feel tenderly toward a woman. Look for the attractive traits your wife has, even if they aren't conventionally beautiful. Don't allow the media to tell you what is beautiful. In order to love your wife, discover what you find beautiful in your wife just the way she is.
  3. Remember why you married your wife. You can love your wife again if you can remember all the reasons why you loved her in the first place. No matter what you saw in her in the beginning, you can see it in her again.
  4. Spend time with her alone. To love your wife, you need to know your wife. Take her out on a date night regularly. At least once a week, be alone with her and talk to her on a deeper level than you usually do. This can help you to reconnect with her by remembering how she thinks and establishing a more intimate connection.



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