How To Love Without Conditions

If you want to experience true love, then you ought to know how to love without conditions. In fact, in order to love without conditions, it is always very easy to say than to be done. Nevertheless, you can love someone unconditionally only if you highly value true love. Regardless of what background you come from and the status of your relationship, these three ways will guide you on how to love without conditions.

  1. Don’t put expectations on your partner. The first way on how to love without conditions is to expect nothing from your partner. For example, she is in some financial difficulties, and you lend her some money for assistance. Although she agrees to pay you back on a certain date, it never happens. Instead of thinking that she has borrowed your money, you should view it as you have offered to help her out. Frankly, it doesn’t really matter whether she pays you back or not.
  2. Be practical with your criteria in your partner. The second way on how to love without conditions is to have practical criteria in your partner. Let’s say in order for you to marry her, she must be a stay home mother and do all the chores.  In the meanwhile, you have already known that she wants to keep her job, be a mother, and do some of the housework. If all these things will make her happy while being with you, then forget your criteria and marry her.
  3. Accept the exact way she is. The last way on how to love without conditions is not to change your partner. Don’t hesitate to ask her for a change only if she has bad habits that can jeopardize her health or the relationship. The deal is that if she doesn’t like to ride roller coasters, watch scary movies, and eat spicy food, then just accept the fact that she doesn’t like these things that you love. Don’t be shocked that she will leave you one day if you push her to the extreme.
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