How To Love Without Expectations

Wondering how to love without expectations? Love between people should be unconditional. Unconditional for some individuals means something other than it does for others. You can not assume how one personal will act in a relationship or feels about what is expected in a relationship. If you enter a relationship without expectations about what it will contain it will make it easier to adjust to.

  1. Avoid using past relationships to place expectations on your current relationship. If you place an expectation that your current relationship will be just like a previous one, you are setting yourself up for disappointment.  No two people are the same, and the interaction between yourself and your new partner will be different than with previous partners. If you assume your partner will react in certain ways based on a previous relationship, confusion and arguments can ensue based on failing to love without expectations.
  2. Learn about your new partner, and be open to new experiences. Do not assume that you know everything about your partner from the first few days of your relationship. Do not love her with the expectations that everything will be the same as your first date. Your partner may be on her "best behavior" during your first date in an attempt to impress you.  If you love her with the expectations that she will always act that way, frustration will follow when that doesn't happen.
  3. Treat every day as something new, it will help you learn about your partner. If you love without expectations, you can learn more about your partner. Instead of assuming how she will react, participate in new activities with her to learn how she reacts to those situations. This will help you avoid judging her based on your expectations of her, and instead on her actual actions and thoughts.
  4. Remember that your partner is not perfect. Don't love her with the expectations that she will be perfect. There are outside influences that will cause her to react in ways you may not expect. She may have a bad day at work, or an argument with a close friend. Even if she is usually calm and comforting, you can't expect her to be that way all the time and hold it against her when she gets upset. Loving like that would not be loving without expectations.
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