How To Love Without Sex

Need to know how to love without sex? Find out how to love without sex, but still share emotional intimacy. You want to keep your virtue intact by sharing your mind and not your body. You can form a deeper connection with her if you form an emotional and mental connection before forming sexual intimacy. Loving her without sex is a good way to know her love for you is genuine, that she’s not in a relationship with you just for the sexual gratification, but for something much deeper.

  1.  Communication is important. If the person you are in a relation with wants to have sex, you owe her an explanation of why you want to love her without sex. Don’t have the attitude of it being your decision and then expect her to accept that. Even if it is your decision to abstain, when you get in a relationship, that’s something that needs to be discussed between the two of you. That’s if you don’t want her to seek intimacy from another man.
  2.  Spend time alone with her. Don’t think because you are abstaining you can’t spend time alone. You don’t have to be accompanied by other couples to prevent getting in a sticky situation. Time alone will give you a chance to bond and grow closer.

  3.  Be affectionate. Show her affection. You can love without sex, but still have a physical connection. Hugging, kissing, holding hands and cuddling will show that you love her, without sex. Just don’t get too carried away and get her all hot and bothered then put the brakes on. She may start to think you are trying to lead her on or trying to tease her.

  4.  You should be best friends. You should share everything with her, except sex. Tell her your secrets, your fears, things you wouldn’t want to share with another person. You have to make her feel like you love her by being her closest friend. If you can love without sex, when you do decide the moment is right,  that will make the sexual experience more intense and special. 

  5. Look at the long run. It won't be easy to be in a loving relationship without sex. Unless the person you love wants to wait to explore sex, there will be times when your will power will be tested to refrain from having sex. Discuss what you want out of the relationship and what part she plays in it.

  6. Find a lot of fun things to do together. Find other ways to keep the relationship exciting. Do fun things to keep your mind occupied. Going to amusement parks, dancing and concerts are just a few fun things you can do. 

 At some point having sex is a part of a growing and loving relationship. However, you can love without sex until you are ready to enjoy that milestone. Sex does not have to define the relationship. It’s the love, affection and admiration you have for her which is truly important. You can have and express those feelings without sex.

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