How To Lower Cholesterol Through Diet

Learn how to lower cholesterol through diet and exercise. Cholesterol levels should be less than 200 milligrams and the HDL should be over 40. The HDL is the good cholesterol and the LDL is the bad cholesterol. In most cases, the LDL should be between 100 to 130. By eating a low fat diet, many are able to reduce their cholesterol levels satisfactorily.

  1. Oatmeal and Oat bran. The overwhelming favorite food for lowering cholesterol seems to be a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast. Oatmeal and oat bran has been successful in lowering cholesterol. By simply eating 1/2 cup of oat bran a day, you can get six grams of fiber and lower your cholesterol 5.3%.
  2. Cut the Fat. Eat no more than 5% a day of saturated fat. Eliminate all trans fats and even limit the good fats. Use no more than two teaspoons of good oil such as olive oil, on salads and two teaspoons to cook with. Butter has a whopping seven grams of fat per tablespoon.
  3. Use Low Fat Milk. Milk is very high in fat and so just by reducing your dairy products, you will be saving your cholesterol and your life. Do not eat any full fat cheese, such as ricotta, cheddar and cream cheese. Eat more low fat yogurt, low fat milk and a low fat cheese, such as goat and mozzarella. 
  4. Become a Vegetarian. Eat mainly veggies, fruits and legumes. Start planning your day around natural and wholesome food from Mother Nature. Eat fish occasionally, but watch out for fish with high mercury levels and never eat white tuna.
  5. Mother Nature to the Rescue. Herbal teas have long been used to combat cholesterol problems. Good herbal tea mixtures include red clover, horsetail and nettles.  After bringing the water to boil, steeped the herbs in the hot pot for twenty minutes. Do not boil the herbs. Add these foods to your diet for lowering cholesterol:lemon grass, spirulina, barley, rice bran and activated charcoal.
  6. Carrots, Garlic and Corn. All three of these foods are great in lowering cholesterol levels. So add them all in a big soup and eat daily. Fresh garlic is best eaten fresh on its own though.
  7. Pinto Beans. Pinto Beans were proven to do as well as oatmeal or maybe better for some.  Eating 1/2 cup of pinto beans daily will help in lowering your cholesterol levels. A perfect vegetarian diet meal.
  8. Quit Smoking. Smokers who gave up twenty cigarettes or more a week saw a reduction in cholesterol levels. People who gave up smoking also saw a drastic rise in HDL levels. A cholesterol reducing diet must include a no smoking sign.
  9. Learn to Relax. A study was done on heart patients with high cholesterol levels. They had the patients listen to relaxing music everyday and there was a significant drop in cholesterol levels compared to those who did not relax with the tapes
  10. Regular Exercise a Must. Having regular physical exercise will also lower cholesterol. It is also important if you are overweight to lose the extra pounds. The best way to start a cholesterol diet is with regular exercise and even an aerobic class or two a week.
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