How To Lower Testosterone

Whether you’re a guy with a little extra masculinity to expend, or a lady with a hormone imbalance, you may be wondering how to lower testosterone levels. There are a few ways to do this, both homeopathically and medically. You might be asking why a man would want to lower his testosterone levels, and the answer to this is simple: too much testosterone in a man’s body increases his risk for prostate cancer.  While the guy may have bragging rights about being “too much of a man”, he won’t for long if his manliness requires chemotherapy. It’s also said that an overload of male hormones can cause aggression and violent outbursts, but this isn’t always true since guys on the low end of the hormonal spectrum can be just as hostile as the ones who are so full of hormones that they have to hang a bucket out their backsides to catch the excess.

High or imbalanced testosterone in women can cause some trivial, yet embarrassing things like hirsutism and weakened scalp hair…or it can cause more serious things like depression, ovarian cancer and breast cancer.  It’s also a common symptom of poly-cystic ovarian syndrome. Regardless of gender, if you find you have a hormone disparity, or think you do, you should take necessary steps to try and lower the amount of hormones in your body.  Obviously, you aren’t going to get cancer overnight, so it won’t hurt to try some home remedies for high testosterone before scheduling an office visit.

  1. Exercise. This is beneficial for your health overall, but it can also help to lower testosterone levels. The recommended amount varies from 30 minutes three times a week to 60 minutes every day, so the amount is really dependent upon how much you want to exercise or how much you can handle.
  2. Have a drink. No, really. Alcohol (specifically red wine, which boasts several other health benefits) can help bring those hormone levels down.
  3. Oh soy! Try eating tofu and drinking soy milk as much as you can stand to do so; studies have shown that soy is a wonderful food choice to lower testosterone levels. And try eating fewer fat-laden foods since fat will increase male hormones in the body.
  4. Nix the meat. Protein plays a part in testosterone production, so in an effort to reduce how frequently you must shave your chest before putting your bra on (for the ladies, or for guys who have a taste for women’s clothing), try a vegetarian diet. This will go well with the soy thing.
  5. Stress. Believe it or not, stress is a good way to keep those hormones under control. It can also cause anxiety and panic issues, so this one isn’t exactly advised…but if you happen to be a worrywart, at least you can lower your testosterone this way.
  6. Holistic methods. Try acupuncture – there are some techniques that can be used to lower testosterone.

As far as medical treatment choices, birth control pills are often prescribed for women to achieve a balance in all reproductive hormone levels. For both genders, there is spironolactone, which is used to treat hirsutism by decreasing the amount of testosterone in the body. Also, androgens and steroids can knock those hormones down a few notches. These options are mostly for the ladies since it’s so rare for a man’s testosterone level to be far enough off the charts that it warrants treatment.



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