How To Lower Truck

So you want to learn how to lower truck? There are different  ways to lower your truck. The way that you choose to lower your truck will be your choice. The make and model of your truck may also play a role in deciding which lowering method is right for your truck.


  1. One way is to cut the springs lowering it. To cut the springs, first you have to take the stock springs out of the truck. Cut a quarter to half a coil at a time. It works best if you use a metal cutting wheel, or torch. Keep cutting in increments and install the spring. Put the full weight of the truck on it till you find your ideal ride height. Now, mark how much you cut out of the first spring on the second spring and cut it off. Cut a little less than you marked just in case you need to cut the rest off. Usually, a half of a coil is a half to full inch of lowering.
  2. The second way is do lowering springs and lowering blocks. The lowering springs are just like you cutting the stock springs. They are smaller than stock and will usually lower the truck one to two inches depending on the spring, but they don’t give the best ride quality. Sport shocks also lower it a tiny bit but help with the ride quality. Lowering blocks on the rear leaf springs help lower the rear of the truck, usually one and a half to two and a half inches. The best part is the lowering springs, shocks and lowering blocks cost under $1000 and give you up to three inches of lowering in the front and up to four inches on the rear.
  3. Next is drop spindles and lowering leaf springs. Drop spindles are pretty much steering knuckles. The brakes, steering and suspension are all tied into this. Drop spindles drop the front by two inches. Lowering leaf springs are like lowering coil springs for the front, less leaves equal more lowering. They can lower the rear by two inches also. So, for under $2000 you can have almost five inches of lowering on the front, and about sive on the rear.
  4. Now, you get into air bags! Air bags are the ultimate way of lowering. The springs and shocks are replaced by air bags that are connected to an air tank and air compressor. This takes some know how to install. You have to cut the floor of the bed, C notch the frame, and cut the inner fenders out of the truck. A C notch is taking the frame over the rear end and notching it to let the rear end drop more, same with cutting the bed floor and cutting the inner fenders out of the engine bay. Most kits cost $4,000-$7000 depending on the brand but add an extra $2000 for material and labor to install it. Also, when using air bags, people put 18”, 20”, 22” or even 24” wheels on them to fill the inner fenders. Air bags lower the truck twice as much as regular lowering, but air bags are adjustable so you don’t rip the undercarriage apart on bumps. 
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