How To Lower Your Gun In Halo 3

If you love making Halo 3 videos where the characters do more than just shoot at each other and you don't want each character to run around with their gun pointed at everything, then you will need to learn how to lower your gun in Halo 3. Normally, all of the Halo 3 characters walk around with their gun near their head, in a shooting position. This makes sense, as the game and characters were designed to be in combat continuously. Unfortunately, if you are making a Halo 3 video where you want the characters interact with each other, it doesn't make sense to have them pointing their weapons at each other the whole time. To correct this, you can enter a combination of buttons that will allow you to lower your gun in Halo 3. In order to lower your gun, you have to be in either local or system link mode, as you cannot lower your gun in when Halo 3 is connected to Xbox Live. After you lower your gun, you can then use the grenade button to raise it again.

  1. Start a Halo 3 game in local or system link mode. Rotate the camera so you can see your character and your weapon. you can also select your desired weapon as this process will lower any weapon in the game.
  2. Press and hold the "A" button.
  3. Press and hold the left bumper and the right bumper.
  4. Press in on the left analog stick. You should now have all four buttons held.
  5. Press down on the directional pad. You will lower your gun on the screen.



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