How To Lubricate A Girl With Your Finger

Learning how to lubricate a girl with your finger is one of the most important sexual lessons that you will ever learn. If your girl is not properly lubricated, she will not enjoy sex with you and she is unlikely to ever have it with you again. If you want to lubricate a girl with your finger, there are some tips that you need to know.

  1. Start slowly. Women's bodies take longer to get revved up than men's bodies. Once she becomes turned on, her body will naturally lubricate itself. You can speed up this process a little, though, by teasing her.
  2. Rub your hand gently on the insides of her thighs. Do not go any farther until she begins to arch her body towards you.
  3. When this happens, lightly rub your hand over her vagina. Slowly part her inner lips with your finger. If you feel wetness, this means that her body has already starting the lubrication process.
  4. When this happens, slowly insert one finger into her vagina and get it wet. Use your wet finger to rub the moisture around the inner lips of her vagina and continue this process.
  5. Use lube made for women. There are several types of lube on the market that are created to stimulate and heighten a woman's sexual pleasure.
  6. Apply a small amount of this type of lube to your finger and touch the outer lips of her vagina. Work your way slowly towards the inner lips using gentle pressure.
  7. Apply a little more lube to your finger and insert your finger slowly into her vagina.

Remember that  when you lubricate a girl with your finger, you should avoid the clit area at first. Before a woman becomes fully aroused, rubbing the clit can be painful to her. Once she is wet and ready, you can take the tip of a wet finger and softly rub her clit. If you feel it starting to swell, you know you're doing it right!

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