How To Lubricate A Penis

Sometimes the question of how to lubricate a penis comes up. Just like any other question, it deserves an answer. Why do you want to lubricate your penis? Is it for your own personal pleasure of masturbation? Or are you looking for an interesting evening of pleasure with your lover?

  • Situation determines the answer. Where you are masturbating and who you are masturbating with makes a difference. Both ways are interesting and have a few options. Either way, penis and pleasure are a great couple and it all begins with sexual lubrication.
  • Let's start with your personal relationship with your penis. When masturbating, lubrication is a must. Lubricating your penis for masturbation makes it a lot more fun, and it's better for your skin. Some of the more common products to use are either vaseline or baby oil. Both products are great lubricants and will definitely get the job done, but beware. If you use either one of these products for sexual stimulation, you will have a big mess to clean up!
  • Lotion is best to lubricate a penis.  Also, if it is convenient to masturbate in the shower, do not use the soap or shampoo. These products can irritate your skin when used for such vigorous motions. Not to mention, if the soaps get in the hole of your penis, it will burn. Ouch! Bottom line… stick to lotion.
  • Lubrication for lover pleasure has more interesting options. Lubricating your penis with sexual lotions and creams can arouse you and your lover, not just your penis. Any of these products you can find at any adult store near your area. They are safe to use and mighty tasty too! What kind of sexual pleasure are your taste buds in the mood for?
  • Go natural. As you can see, the options for lubrication are endless, but don't forget the most natural one of all. If you naturally lubricate your penis there is no worry of irritating your most sensitive skin. To naturally lubricating a penis takes just one product and it doesn't even cost anything… saliva.
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