How To Lubricate Quantaray Lens

Learning how to lubricate a Quantaray lens is not a big deal. Lubricating camera lenses is a simple enough task that takes oil and a soft cloth. The benefits of learning how to lubricate a Quantaray lens if the difference between a small do it yourself tab and a camera shop bill.  Basic maintenance like lubricating a camera lens is a sure fire way to save some money. Lubricating a camera lens is need when use causes the autofocus to stick. Steady use can wear down the viscosity of the lubricant and also attract debris.

Photography is a great pass time. Whether you are an avid picture taker or a special occasion snapper, caring for your camera is important. Keeping your lens properly lubricated will maintain proper operation. The simple task of lubricating a camera lens is a matter of preventative maintenance. This article will walk you through the proper care of a Quantaray lens and instruct you on how to lubricate the lens.

To lubricate a Quantaray lens, you will need:

  • Quantaray lens
  • Gun oil
  • Soft cloth

How to lubricate a Quantaray lens:

  1. Remove the lens from the camera. Do this by lining up the colored dot on the lens and camera body. Once removed, use the soft cloth to clean the lens, paying close attention to the lens body.
  2. Manually move the lens to expose the shaft. Wipe this area down as well, ensure all dirt and debris is gone. Using the gun oil carefully oil the focus ring. There will be four notches that you can use to insert the grease.
  3. Once lubricated work the lens forward and back. Allow the lens to sit for about twenty minutes. If needed reapply gun grease. If the lens is still not working properly, you may need to seek a camera repair shop.
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