How To Mad Men Yourself

The question of how to Mad Men Yourself would not have come up 5 years ago. Now this is something that many men who love the show, "Mad Men", or know girls who love the show want to know. Let's find out, shall we? 

  1. Purchase a suit with a narrow-lapel. It may appear that this is all you need, but the details really do make a difference here. Authentic 1960 suits, direct from the 1960's, are still languishing in thrift shops all over the country. Choose one that fits well, or have the next best suit tailored to fit.
  2. Wear the most boring button down shirt in your closet. White will do or any neutral beige. Depending on the Mad Men style you are looking for, this can be a short sleeve 'mail room' style shirt, or a long sleeve complete with a rounded club collar cufflinks and collar pin.
  3. Don a retro tie. Vintage skinny ties can be found in abundance at the local thrift shop. Anything that looks like granny cleaned her closets will do. Although, if you are opposed to shopping at a thrift store, or can't take the moth ball scent, designer Michael Kors created a retro line that was inspired by this hit show.
  4. Search for a good pair of wing tips. These shoes are a classic 1960 dress shoe that will help complete your look. Black or Oxblood leather, perforated wing tips to be be exact. Be sure to polish your shoes to a high sheen as well.
  5. Visit the barbershop and ask for a Princeton high and tight. Sleek this down with a generous coating of gel and you can be sure your hair will not be going anywhere soon, but you may want to carry a comb just in case. Keep the hair neat and tidy when attempting to Mad Men yourself. 
  6. Retro spectacles are a good choice for those fully committed to the look. Again, due to the popularity of the show, these are not hard to find. In fact, you can even purchase a prescription pair at your eye doctor's, or at any eye glass store. You will have to be truly sold out to being a Mad Men look-alike to have your prescription glasses created in retro frames, but at least your eyewear will match your haircut and suit.  
  7. Accessories really make the Mad Men look; carry a pipe, try out a bow tie, wear a cardigan or tattersall vest. Carry yourself with an arrogant attitude that borders rude and you will be known as the 1962 man.



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