How To Made Homemade Dildos That Will Reach G Spot

Do you need to know how to make homemade dildos that will reach G spot? Homemade dildos do not cost money to make but you will have to be very careful what you use. Homemade sex toys can cause urinary and vaginal infections for the women. It can also cause irritation and risk to reproductive organs. Homemade sex toys are very popular because they are discreet and inexpensive and many men are looking for ways to satisfy their woman. Read below for more information on how to made homemade dildos that will reach G spot.


  1. Vegetables make great dildos. Items such as bananas, cucumbers and carrots are popular items couples use for stimulation. Make sure to wash them before use. especially if you have picked them straight from your garden.
  2. Make an ice dildo. Use a sandwich bag and fill with water about two inches. Take an empty toilet paper wrapper in place in the bag of water. Hang in the freezer until frozen. When you and your lover are in the mood, the things the ice dildo will do will amaze the both of you.
  3. Use a battery operated toothbrush. You can pick one up at any store for just a couple dollars. This will feel great to your partner. There is a lot of stimulation that goes along with feeling the vibration from a toothbrush. Just be sure to clean and safely put it away so no one else uses it to brush their teeth with. All the above homemade dildos will reach the G spot on your partner.



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