How to Maintain an Erection

Men can learn how to maintain an erection. Many men suffer with problems with erections; one problem being that you are not able to achieve an erection at all. You can also have a problem of not being able to maintain or sustain an erection once you achieve it to begin with. There are several reasons why a man may not be able to maintain an erection. You can learn what the reasons are, and which one may apply to you. Not being able to maintain an erection to satisfy your sexual needs or complete intercourse can be brought on by one of the following, and most common reasons:

  • Medical conditions
  • Medications
  • Problems with blood vessels
  • Psychological

There are different forms of treatments to help you achieve and maintain an erection. Learning about the different forms of treatment will help you decide which form of treatment might be right for you. 

Here are some tips that may help you maintain your erection: 

  1. Stop the use of alcohol and smoking - Both alcohol and nicotine play a role in blood vessel dilation.
  2. Use a device – A penile pump can help you gain and maintain an erection. 
  3. Talk to your doctor about your medications - There are many medications that can interfere with erections.
  4. Take a medication for erections -there are several medications; such as, Viagra or Cialis, that can help men achieve and maintain erections.
  5. Penile implant – Penile implants are permanent but can help with maintaining erections.
  6. Penile injections - This is a medication injected directly available that help to maintain erections.
  7. Counseling - Counseling is available for emotional needs or psychological problems related to your sex life.

Learning how to maintain an erection may be as easy as speaking to your physician. He can help guide you through your different options for the type of problem you are having. 



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