How To Maintain Fiberglass Canoes

While fiberglass canoes require fairly little maintenance, it’s still important to learn how to maintain fiberglass canoes. Fiberglass canoes are considered to be low maintenance and very light weight, and while they are typically low maintenance, damage can occur to fiberglass canoes. Lucking, fixing damaged areas to fiberglass canoes is fairly easy. The maintenance for fiberglass canoes is very minimal and requires little difficulty.

  1. Annually maintain fiberglass canoes by checking for stress cracks. Every year, especially if your canoe has been in storage, it’s important to check the canoe for stress cracks. Flip the canoe over and shin a bright light underneath the canoe. This will allow you to see spider-web type stress cracks in the canoe. These are considered to be cosmetic and the canoe can be refinished to fix these stress cracks.
  2. Maintain fiberglass canoes by washing them well after each use. After using your canoe, use a soft cloth and a household dish detergent to clean the canoe off. If your canoe has tough stains, use soft cloth Acetone to remove the stains.
  3. Maintain fiberglass canoes with gel-coat repairs. To fix spider cracks and small holes, you will need to repair the gel-coat of the canoe. When repairing the gel-coat, only repair the outside of the canoe.

To keep the maintenance of a fiberglass canoe to a minimal, you have to learn how to properly handle the canoe. To decrease how often you have to maintain fiberglass canoes consider storing your canoe indoors. Canoes are best stored indoors, upside down and in cool, dry environments. Don’t store the canoe with objects inside it or on top it because it could damage the canoe. If you must store your canoe outside, cover it with a tarp to minimize how often you must maintain fiberglass canoes.



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