How To Make A 155 Belmont Cocktail

All horse race and cocktail enthusiasts need to learn how to make a 155 Belmont cocktail. Everybody loves horse racing. Admit it, you do. Alright, even if you don’t you’ll love this cocktail. It’s easy to make and the perfect drink for watching the Belmont.

To make a 155 Belmont cocktail you will need:

  • Dark Rum
  • Light Rum
  • Vodka
  • Orange Juice
  • A carrot
  • White Wine Glass
  • Ice
  • Shaker
  1. Quantities:To make a 155 Belmont cocktail make sure you have one shot of Dark Rum, two shots of Light Rum, one shot of Vodka, and one shot of orange juice. The type of orange juice doesn't matter so feel free to use your favorite.
  2. Glass:The 155 Belmont cocktail is generally served in a white wine glass so make sure you have at least one. 
  3. Mix: Making a 155 Belmont cocktail is simple. Take the Dark Rum, Light Rum, Vodka, and orange juice, you can mix in a shaker with ice or blend it with ice in a blender. Though the blender method isn't as praised as the shaker, you can make it both ways. Once that's done pour it into the white wine glass and then garnish with the carrot.
  4. Drink: I shouldn’t have to explain this.
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