How To Make A 1880 Pioneer Lantern

Learning how to make a faux 1880 pioneer lantern can be a great addition to any pioneer or primitive arts decorating plan. The basic design for an 1880 pioneer lantern is easy and only requires a few recyclable items. This faux pioneer lantern combined with a flameless tea light design will give you the cozy look of pioneer lighting.

To make a faux 1880 pioneer lantern you will need:

  • Flameless tea light candle

  • Glass light globe or small light shade

  • Plastic jar lid

  • Small bottle lid

  • Spray paint cap

  • Metal jar lid

  • Hurricane lamp glass shade

  • Craft glue for metal and plastic

  • Matte finish black, rustic red, or brass spray paint

  • Foil

  1. Test the design. Before you make your 1880 pioneer lantern, you will want to test the design. The best way to do this is to go through the steps, minus sealing and gluing, of this guide. You want to make sure that you understand where the pieces will go and that they form the style you are looking for. Remember, when making your own faux 1880 pioneer lantern or any other project you have customization ability. Make it yours.

  2. Form the base of the faux 1880 pioneer lantern. To make the base you will need to use a glass light globe or other similar glass light shade. Most thrift stores have a section for odds and ends decorative pieces and you can generally find the globe suitable for your needs there. Make sure the globe has no cracks or breaks. Place the globe flat so that one open end is on the table and the other is facing upwards.

  3. Make use of those lids. Take the plastic jar lid and place it, flat side down, over the top of the glass light globe base. Make sure that your lid sits well on the glass base and then secure with glue. A mayonnaise lid or similar jar sized plastic lid will work well for this step. Now, place the metal jar lid on top of the previously placed lid flat side down. Secure the metal lid with glue. Place the spray paint cap on top of the metal lid, flat side down, and secure with glue. The middle of the cap will serve as the base for your flameless candle for the 1880 pioneer lantern.

  4. Paint the 1880 pioneer lantern. Many of the pioneer or hurricane lanterns were either a rustic red, black, or matte brass color. Choose the color that best suits how you envision your 1880 pioneer lantern to look. To get an idea of the finished product you can view Anchor Lamps. This will also let you see the wide range of styles that were available in the 1880's for pioneer lanterns so that you can customize your faux pioneer lantern even further. After you have painted the lantern, you will need to paint your foil a matching color. Place the dried painted foil in the spray paint lid that you have used for the base of your flameless candle.

  5. Light the lantern. Place your flameless candle into place so that you can easily switch the battery of the candle on and off. Place the hurricane lamp globe on your finished faux 1880 pioneer lantern. Sit back and enjoy your beautiful lamp and pioneer creation.

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