How To Make 5 Skater Accessories

Learn how to make skater accessories so that you can save your money and be more original and creative. If you take your time and make your accessories carefully then you will look really cool and you could even make and sell your own accessories. Skater accessories will allow you to differentiate yourself from everyone else and really stand out when you are skating. People will be able to recognize you for you unique style.

To make 5 skater accessories, you will need:

  • Some money
  • Sewing skills
  • Time
  • Creativity
  • Supplies such as thread, patches, and designs


  1. You can make headbands and armbands unique by adding some flair to them. Buy a headband or some armbands from a local clothing retailer, but make sure they are plain. You can sew any emblem you want on there now, anything from a skull to a cross. This is a cheap way to make your headbands and armbands unique, and you can use the same symbol every time sot that people will recognize you.
  2. You can put neon lights on the bottom of your skateboard to add some unique color and style to the board. When you skate in the dark with your neon lights, everyone will recognize you and know exactly who you are. You can pick any color that stands out such as neon blue, green, or even pink.
  3. You can add accessories to your shoes that really stand out and look cool as well. Try sewing designs into your shoelaces with different threads and create something really different to wear. You can also paste, iron, or sew on different emblems, patches, and stickers to make the rest of your shoes look just as awesome as your laces.
  4. If you are handy at metalworking then you could make yourself a unique belt buckle. You can make something funny like a Batman belt buckle. You can also design something more serious that defines you, whatever that may be. This belt buckle can look really cool and truly impress people when they see it and find out that you made it yourself.
  5. You can design and create your own necklace if you buy the right tools to do so with. There are plenty of different stores that sell necklace design sets for both girls and guys, and you can use one of these to make yourself a unique design that looks really cool.
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