How To Make An Acne Scab Heal Faster

If you find yourself popping zits more often than not, reading up on how to make an acne scab heal faster might be beneficial. Acne can come in a variety of forms, but is almost always exacerbated by "zit popping," which produces acne scars. You make acne scab heal faster in various ways, but are best "healed" by never being prodded in the first place. When you make an acne scab heal faster, it is important to keep off of it for a while and let the medicine (whatever form of it you choose) take its toll.

Hold your horses chief! Before we begin, to make an acne scab heal faster, here's what you will need:

  • Cotton balls
  • Warm water
  • A cup
  • Some salt
  1. Put the salt in the water. If you already have a saline solution to help make an acne scab heal faster, then feel free to substitute that for the salt and warm water. They are mutually substitutable.
  2. Put one cotton ball in the saline solution for 45 seconds. This is to dampen the cotton ball and prepare it to apply to the affected area. Just enough exposure to the salt water will be perfect to make an acne scab heal faster.
  3. Squeeze the cotton ball. The goal is to get rid of all that "water weight" or excess water that's in your cotton ball. The ball should be lightly dampened with salt water and neither dry nor soaked.
  4. Place the saline-soaked cotton swab onto the acne scar in question. The goal is to let the salt dissolve the top layer of the zit at this point. You actually make an acne scab heal faster by waiting a full 3 minutes prior to removing the cotton ball from your face.
  5. After removing the ball, grab two more cotton swabs and squeeze the zit. Sure, your pimple might seem gone, but it's actually not. With a little bit of magic, the top (ugliest) layer has been removed from your skin, leaving you "blemish-free" but not "crater-free". Squeeze the bump with those two cotton balls and get the rest of your zit out of there!
  6. If the bump isn't flattened, rinse and repeat. In other words, don't leave until the job's done, soldier! Bumps flatten, they just require patience. More importantly, if you forget the fifth step in this process, it will come right back for sure.

It isn't too difficult to make an acne scab heal faster. With some due diligence, patience, and common household items, your skin is on its way to looking blemish-free again. Word to the wise: this is not medical advice, and consult your physician prior to attempting to make an acne scab heal faster. It is always best to have a doctor's opinion (especially if already on topical or any other anti-acne medicine). Be smart about trying to make an acne scab heal faster, and you will improve your situation.

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