How To Make Age Gap Relationships Work

With no pun intended, let’s address the age old issue of how to make age gap relationships work. Ideally, most of us have to admit that it is easier to maintain relationships with peers that are in our general age range, but the heart has no boundaries, nor do our animal urges. Since age gap relationships can sometimes be a dangerous territory to tread, here are a few tips that may help you bridge the gap between you and your younger or elder partner.

1. Attraction and Common Interests – Obviously there is a physical attraction, otherwise most wouldn’t be considering an age gap relationship to begin with, but there certainly must be some level of common interest be it still diverse due to the age difference. A basic essential to make any type of relationship work.

2. Open Mindedness – You will see a great deal of differences in opinion, tradition, standards, and more. It’s inevitable. Age gap relationships work when both partners are able to respect each others opinions and view points regardless of the considerable differences in perspective.

3. Don’t Listen To Your Friends – This is what will most often kill an age gap relationship. Certain friends and family members will always have an opinion about why this person is wrong for you and you should find someone your own age. It never fails. It is sometimes easy to be convinced of things by the people you trust to know what’s best for you. You will have to tune those negative meddlers of if you want to make an age gap relationship work.

4. Compromise – It will sometimes seem hard, but you must be willing to compromise with your partner when issues occur and you don’t agree with one another. Some younger partners may have to swallow their pride and admit that the elder knows from experience. Other times the elder must admit that they are stuck in the past and need to “get with the times”.

Tolerance, acceptance and respect are the finishing touches to making an age gap relationship work. Good luck to you!

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