How To Make Alder Into Fence Posts

Learning how to make alder into fence posts will give you the opportunity to create a beautiful and natural fence structure. alder is a great choice of wood to create fence posts because it has a beautiful quality than no man made wood fence can match. This process is good for the environment because it requires you to use supplies from nature to create your fence posts.

To use alder to make fence posts, you will need:

  • Sticks of alder
  • Cement
  • Sand paper
  • Shovel
  • Tape Measure
  • Hand Saw
  • Work goggles
  • Marker posts
  • String
  1. The first thing you will need to do is select good alder to create posts.  Great pieces of alder can be found on the ground by an alder tree.  These pieces are probably branches that have been broken off by wind or other strong weather. Gather these pieces and bring them to your work area.
  2. Next, measure the branches to size. These posts will need to be around 6’, which allows 2’ to be under ground and 4’ to remain above ground to hold the fence structure.  Mark off any extra, and use the hand saw to remove it. 
  3. Now, prepare the alder.  Begin gently sanding the alder to create a smooth and even surface on each post.  The posts do not need to be free of all defects, as these characteristics aid in creating a beautiful and natural appearance.
  4. Measure where each post needs to be placed. These posts typically are placed every 6’ to 8’, depending on the area that needs to be covered.  Use marker posts to mark each post location.
  5. Dig the holes for the posts to be placed.  These holes will be around 2’ deep in order to fully support the posts. Fill the hole halfway with cement, add the alder, and continue to fill up the hole until the cement is level with the ground.  Use string and marker posts to support the alder, and keep it in place. Continue this process with each alder post you need to install.  Allow concrete to harden for twenty four hours before attaching the fencing fabric.


  • Fencing fabric should be added as if the alder were steel fence posts.  Attach the required support brackets, and stretch the fabric around the posts.
  • Wood fence structures may require you to notch the alder in order to attach the wood post support unit.
  • Apply a wood finish to the posts before installing the fencing fabric to preserve the wood.
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