How To Make All Natural Cat Food

The benefits of learning how to make all natural cat food are many, including a healthier and happier cat. Cats are more feral than dogs and are carnivores which means that they rarely, if ever, choose to eat plants. In fact, cats lack the enzymes necessary to digest plant material. Therefore, a diet heavy in meat protein will keep your feline the healthiest.

When preparing an all natural cat food, consider the food items (such as mice) cats would eat in the wild. A cat would never snack on a piece of white bread so carbohydrates are not something that one should put in a natural cat food although commercial pet founds abound with unhealthy carbohydrates. Before you run off and start to mix up an all natural cat food, you should do more research to ensure you're feeding a healthy, balanced diet. Also, beware: if you're switching your cat from commercial canned food, it might take a while to entice him to eat a natural diet.

To make all natural cat food, you will need:

  • A meat grinder. If you're just starting off with making your own cat food, you might want to invest in a cheap meat grinder off one of the Internet auction sites. However, if you're more advanced and know that your cat will eat a natural diet, spending more money on a heavier duty meat grinder may be a good option.
  • A whole rabbit carcass, chick thighs or chicken breasts. When making all natural cat food, buy all meats with the bones as cats require the calcium found in bones.
  • Chicken or beef liver
  1. If using chicken as the basis for the all natural cat food, parboil the chicken by bringing a pot of water to a boil. Drop in the chicken pieces and let boil just until the outside if opaque – about three or four minutes. This will kill off any surface bacteria. The inside may remain raw. This is not necessary if using rabbit.
  2. Place the uncooked rabbit or parboiled chicken in a meat grinder. Depending on your cat's preference, set the grinder of a finer setting to get a more hamburger quality or a larger setting to get bigger chunks of meat.
  3. Cut the liver in small cubes, about 1/2 inch each. Mix into the ground meat.
  4. Place mixture in small containers and freeze. Since cat food can take a while to prepare, making a lot of it and freezing is a great option.


  • Never EVER start a cat on an all natural cat food diet without checking with your local veterinarian. Cats with special dietary needs may not do well on a natural diet so it's imperative that your cat have a check up before changing from a prescribed commercial diet.
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