How To Make All Nude Sims

If you're a bit bored with the standard vanilla Sims, and want to know how to make all nude Sims, you're in luck! All three iterations of the game have tools readily available on the internet to spice up your Sims experience. For each of the games—"The Sims," "The Sims 2," and "The Sims 3," there are differences in technique on how to male all nude Sims, and great differences in quality of the finished product.

You have a veritable plethora of nudity to choose from. You can find these everywhere on your favorite search engine. Even FilePlanet has nude mods for the entire series. Be sure to make sure you're getting what you want. If you want to be an equal opportunity nudist, make sure your chosen mod contains male nudity in addition to the rather more prolifically modded female body.

Every mod that you download will have a set of installation instructions included with it. Follow these instructions to the letter, making especially sure that you get the right directories and overwrite or add the proper files. It's all very easy, and once you start your next gaming session, you should be overjoyed to to see your Sims' sudden lack of modesty.

As a brief note of warning, be sure to take careful note of a few things.

  1. Download the correct version of the files you want. A nude mod for "The Sims 3" will not make all nude Sims for "The Sims 2."
  2. Make backups of any files that you change or overwrite. It's no fun having to completely reinstall a game just because you deleted the wrong file.
  3. Keep in mind that these mods are all Not Safe For Work, and potentially Not Safe For Families, either. Take careful thought of whether your little brother or impressionable young child will be playing the game, and more importantly, if you'll get in trouble with your parents or your significant other!

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