How To Make Aluminum Softball Bats

Do you want to know how to make aluminum softball bats? This do-it-yourself project is definitely not for everyone. In fact, you need particular materials, special equipment, and expert skills for this one. But if you are a softball fan, you may be interested to learn how it is done. For a short and simplified overview of the process, read on. 

Materials needed:


  • Steel softball bat mold
  • Raw aluminum
  • Aluminum smelter
  • Heat resistant gloves, apron, and goggles
  • Metal lathe
  • Metal shaping tool
  • Polyresin


  1. Purchase a steel softball bat mold designed to make a hollow bat. Unlike a die cast or sand cast mold, the hollow bat mold creates a thinner bat wall for a lighter bat.
  2. Melt the raw aluminum in a smelter. Aluminum smelting is an electrolytic process. The melting point for aluminum is 1220.58 degrees Fahrenheit.
  3. Pour the molten aluminum into the softball bat mold. Allow the aluminum to set and cool in the mold for at least one day.
  4. Remove the rough cast from the mold. Stay protected with heat-resistant gloves, apron, and goggles. 
  5. Use a metal lathe to smooth the rough edges or seams created by the two sides of the mold.
  6. Use a metal shaping tool to shape the aluminum bat to the desired shape and diameter size.
  7. Coat the end of the bat by dipping the handle into a vat of polyresin. Or use an adhesive-saturated fiber for the grip. Let the bat sit for at least one day, to give it time to dry completely.
  8. Enjoy your new aluminum softball bat.
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