How To Make An Amp With A Tube Radio

Before you throw your old tube radio away, you might want to learn how to make an amp with a tube radio. It is a good idea that rather than throwing the workable parts of a tube radio it is used for some alternate purpose. A tube radio is either converted into an amp for a guitar amplifier or used for a public speaking system. There are many old radios whose parts can easily be changed to make an amp. This job will become much easier if the radio consists of an supporting output in form of a phono jack. You can also look for a tube radio whose audio output is intact. It will be even better if it has two transformers. One will be used for power with the other can be utilized for sound output. Look for radios that have a good audio output section with two transformers if it has six V6 or tubes then most of your job is done.

Things you’ll need to make an amp from a tube radio:

  • ¼ in. phono jack
  • Old tube radio
  • Stripped wire
  • Screws
  • Nuts
  • Toolkit
  • Soldering machine
  1. The first step is to mount the 1/4 inch jack on the radio where it is convenient for you. The phono jack can be taken via the chassis of the radio or through the housing of the radio which might be made of plastic or wood. To mount it on the chassis of the radio it would require nuts and screws. On the other hand, if the chassis of the radio is made of plastic or wood, it would require a jack with long threads accompanied by a nut hexagonal in shape.
  2. You will find a stripped wire in any hardware store. Get hold of it and solder it to the jack that has been mounted on the chassis. It should also be noted that if the jacks are plastic or wood mounted then the connection should be done from the outer portion of the jack to the chassis of the radio.
  3. As you proceed further, you will discover a wire on the volume control of the radio. You should remove this center wire. It should be taped and left at a place so that it can be used later if needed.
  4. The now stripped part of wire should be connected from the jack to the volume.
  5. Connect the source of auxiliary audio, either a guitar or a microphone while adjusting the radio volume.
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