How To Make An Amv With Windows Movie Maker

Learning how to make an AMV (Anime Music Video) with Windows Movie Maker isn’t as hard as you may think. Windows Movie Maker is a great tool for beginning video editors to begin to learn the ropes of manipulating anime videos and music to create amazing AMVs. If you think you’re ready to start making your own AMVs with Windows Movie Maker, just follow these steps and you will be well on your way.

In order to make an AMV with Windows Movie Maker, you will need the following

  • Windows Movie Maker software
  • Digital music files saved on your computer
  • A DVD of your favorite anime show


  1. Open Windows Movie Maker and get familiar with the software. Before you even think about creating a finished product like an AMV with Windows Movie Maker, just take some time to explore the different options available. Open up the menus, mess around, and view any tutorials or help functions that seem interesting.  If you’ve got a little experience, creating your AMV will be much easier.
  2. Import the music for your AMV into Windows Movie Maker. After starting a new project, it usually makes sense to take care of the music. In most AMVs, you’ll only be using one song or a couple songs back to back (without splicing or editing), so the music tracks provide a good framework to build the rest of your video on. Luckily, importing music files from iTunes or other music software to Windows Movie Maker is simple. Just drag the files from the music software to the project timeline and the song will immediately be added to your project.
  3. Rip the video from the DVD to your computer. Before you can edit the video files for your AMV in Windows Movie Maker, you will need to “rip” them off the DVD disc and save them to your computer.  Unfortunately, Movie Maker doesn’t have ripping capabilities, so you will have to download some small software to take care of the task. Do a quick search for “Free DVD Ripper” and you’ll find plenty of choice. Once the files are ripped, saved them with .wmv extensions.
  4. Import the video clips to Windows Movie Maker. Once the video files are saved, click “File” then “Import” in Windows Movie Maker and select the files.  Now, the clips will be available to add to your project timeline and be heard with the music you added earlier.
  5. Get creative, unique, and professional. The best thing about making an AMV with Windows Movie Maker is that you are able to produce fresh and professional looking anime music videos. Take your time and make sure the mood and duration of video clips is synced up with changes in the music (this is a big newbie mistake). Keep exploring with the software to discover how to best utilize effects like slow motion or black and white filters.

Follow these simple steps to make an AMV with Windows Movie Maker and you will be creating amazing anime music videos before you know it. Remember to play around, think outside the box, and get ready to be amazed at what you produce.    

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