How To Make Aphrodisiac Drinks

If you’re planning a romantic date at home, you should learn how to make aphrodisiac drinks to entertain and impress your lady. If you’ve already had a few beers or wine with dinner, try a sexy non-alcoholic drink for dessert. A chocolate banana smoothie is a great drink to impress your woman with two key aphrodisiac ingredients: banana and chocolate. A recent study by the Mind Lab suggests that chocolate is more stimulating than kissing. Eating a piece of chocolate was shown to increase the subjects’ heart rates even more than kissing their partner. Researchers confirmed that dark chocolate, in particular, contains an endorphin-stimulating substance called phenylethylamine which enhances the sensation of pleasure in the brain. Bananas are not only suggestively shaped, they also contain bromelain, which is an enzyme that enhances libido.

To make a chocolate banana smoothie drink, you will need:

  • A blender
  • One frozen banana
  • Skim milk
  • A dark chocolate bar such as Dove or Hershey’s Special Dark
  1. Prepare the banana. After peeling a large or medium-sized banana, slice it and wrap the fruit in aluminum foil. If you add ice cubes to a smoothie, you dilute the flavor. Instead, freeze the fruit. Pop the banana in the freezer a day before your romantic date at home.
  2. Melt the chocolate. Unless you want a banana-chip smoothie, you’ll need to melt the chocolate bar before blending it with the fruit. Break the bar into pieces and toss them in a coffee mug or other microwave-safe container. Add a few drops of milk, and heat on high until the chocolate is melted enough to stir.
  3. Blend until smooth. Toss the frozen banana and melted chocolate in a blender with a cup of skim milk. For a creamier smoothie drink, use whole milk. You can also make a thicker smoothie drink by adding less milk. Blend on high for thirty seconds, and serve the aphrodisiac drink immediately. Top with a swirl of chocolate syrup for an added effect.


Be creative. If you want to add alcohol to your banana aphrodisiac smoothie drink, try adding chocolate liquor. You can also make the aphrodisiac smoothie a milkshake by adding a scoop of chocolate ice cream.

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