How To Make Aquarium Decorations

If you have recently purchased an aquarium, or are trying to spruce up one you already have, you may want to learn how to make aquarium decorations. It is easy (and cheap!) to find or make decorations yourself. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

  1. Driftwood. If you are fortunate enough to love near a river or ocean, you can get these aquarium decorations for  free. Just make sure you scrub your pieces of driftwood and boil them to kill off any contaminants. Then place in your tank and watch your fish enjoy their new hiding places.
  2. Rocks.  Another free aquarium decoration  that can be found nearly anywhere. Like the driftwood, be sure to decontaminate before adding to your tank. Add individual rocks or create piles of smaller stones for an interesting, natural effect.
  3. Toys. If you don't mind getting away from the natural look, you can raid your child's toy box (or your own) for all kinds of fun aquarium decorations. From Star Wars to SpongeBob you can create a theme tank or a conglomeration of chaotic fun. Your fish will enjoy swimming around these new points of interest, and your guests will get a grin. Just like before, clean them well. Also avoid any toys that will rust or peel.
  4. Caves. With a little effort, you can create caves as aquarium decorations your fish will love. A very simple cave can be created by cutting a clay flower pot or a piece of PVC pipe in half (lengthwise) with a hacksaw and smoothing it down with sandpaper. Be sure to sterilize it, before adding to your tank. If you want it to blend in, you can use an aquarium-safe silicone and cover your cave with gravel. If you opt for the silicone, be sure to let it dry thoroughly before putting it in your tank.
  5. Backdrops. An easy way to brighten a tank, is to create a backdrop for the back side of your tank. And, as it goes outside your tank, it's the only aquarium decoration you don't have to sanitize! You can print out bright aquatic images, or use pictures or posters. Anything bright that will show through your tank, will add color and personality to your tank.

There are many things, such as plants, that you can purchase inexpensively to add to your homemade and home found aquarium decorations. There is really no end to the personal flair and creativity you can add to your tank. Just be sure not to crowd out your fish!!

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