How To Make An Aquarium Filter

Learning how to make an aquarium filter is a great project for any serious aquarium owner. The process for making an aquarium filter is not very challenging and requires some rather easy to obtain materials. Learning how to make your own aquarium filter using this guide will enable you to produce a home-made aquarium filter capable of both physical and chemical based filtration. This guide will teach you have to make an aquarium filter that is cheap, effect and completely submersible.

Things you'll need:

  • Sponge (Clean with no chemicals added)
  • Large plastic water bottle
  • Aquarium water pump
  • Air tubing that fits water pump
  • Activated carbon
  • Fine mesh material (women's stockings work fine)
  1. Place activated carbon into water bottle. Place an ample amount of activated carbon into the water bottle. Place about a two-inch layer of activated carbon into the bottom of the water bottle.
  2. Prepare the pump. Use the mesh material to wrap the intake valve on the pump. Use a material such as a piece of an old screen or women's stockings. Place the pump into the water bottle and press it into the activated carbon.
  3. Connect output tubing. Cut a three-inch piece of air tubing. Connect it to the output valve of the pump.
  4. Prepare the sponge. Cut the sponger to fit inside the water bottle on top of the activated carbon and aquarium pump. Cut a small hole in the middle of the sponge and pass the air tubing through the sponge.
  5. Position the aquarium filter. Place the aquarium filter in a corner of your fish tank or any other non conspicuous location. Secure the aquarium filter with rubber bands or another fastening method of your choice. Turn on the filter to test it out.


  • Place false plants around the aquarium filter to conceal it.
  • Try using different colored bottles when making the aquarium filter for aesthetics.
  • Clean your aquarium filter thoroughly every two months.
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