How To Make Argyle Patterns

Once you know how to make argyle patterns, you will draw them any chance you get. An argyle pattern features a series of diamonds arranged to form a checkerboard. Occasionally, long diagonal lines will intersect the diamonds. If you can use a marker and a ruler, you can make argyle patterns.

To make argyle patterns, you will need:

  • Paper
  • Ruler
  • Two markers in contrasting colors
  • Black marker
  1. Starting at the top of your paper, draw an argyle triangle about two inches from the left side. Use one of the contrasting markers, not the black marker. The triangle should be equilateral, meaning all three sides are the same and its three angles each measure 60 degrees.
  2. Draw another argyle triangle directly beneath the first one, to make a diamond shape. The second triangle should point away from the first one.
  3. Draw two more argyle triangles to make a diamond shape directly next to the first diamond. The left corner of the second diamond should touch the right corner of the first.
  4. Continue to draw pairs of argyle triangles across the width of the paper. When you reach the end of the paper, draw more diamonds directly underneath the first row of diamonds.
  5. Color in the diamonds. Use the marker you used to draw the diamonds to fill them in. If you like, you may fill in the empty space around the drawn diamonds with the other marker.
  6. Place your ruler diagonally on the paper so that it intersects the middle of the pattern. Draw a line across the paper using the black marker.
  7. Turn the rulers so that it goes diagonally across the paper in the other direction. Draw a line along the rule with the black marker. This line should intersect the first line in the center of the paper.
  8. Continue to draw black lines through the center of each diamond.  You want two lines to cross each other in the center of each diamond you drew.
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