How To Make An Awesome Xbox Gamer Tag

Need to know how to make an awesome Xbox gamer tag? Making an awesome game tag for your Xbox 360 live account can be a bit of a challenge. A lot of the good names are taken. Then again, a lot of sweet gamer tags are still out there. If you want to get a great Xbox 360 gamer tag of your very own then these are the steps for you. Just don't be too discouraged if you have to create more than one possible tag in order to get a sweet tag that expresses your unique gamer style for your Xbox 360 online play.

  1. Get signed up for an Xbox live account. Fill in all of the information that you can until you get to the game tag. This information is fairly basic, so you should have no problem with the general sign up questions for registering for your Xbox live account.
  2. Think about what you might like for a gamer tag. This can encompass a lot of things. Some of your popular choices will include the names of characters from your most beloved video games. It can also be a hobby you are into or a nickname that your friends have given you.
  3. Create a few possible gamer tags off of these words. This can include either combinations of those words, or combinations of one of the words with a significant number. Sure the gamer tag "Dante" may be taken, but variations like "Dante92" or "DanteRocker" may be taken.
  4. Finish your registration. The Xbox 360 gamer tag is now yours.
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