How To Make A B Movie

Need to know how to make a B movie? Movies can be home-made or they could be filmed for the big screen. A B movie is usually an independent film that makes it to places like libraries and video stores, but not always the theatre. A B movie needs to be well organized with a good plot, but it doesn't have to be perfect. Here, we're going to give you general guidelines for making a B movie.

Make sure you have the following:

  • Crew
  • All necessary equipment
  • Cast
  • All needed funds
  • Costumes
  1. Come up with an idea. This is definitely the most important part of making a B movie. Writing the script takes some creativity. Here, you can be inspired by other films and ideas from other people. However, if it's going to be inspired by another movie than don't make it obvious that it was inspired by that film. Nobody likes a copy-cat, unless you plan on making a parody.
  2. Write the script. When you're writing the script, make sure that you have a good idea what it is going to be about. Is it going to be a love story, a crime story, you decide. Once you have come up with an idea, come up with the plot. Think about twists in the story. Once you have come up with the plot, write the script as you would write a novel, except in much less detail. The things that you mostly need to include are the characters' lines and what's going to happen in the scene. Leave the character details, such as a character's breathing pattern or a character looking a different direction or voice tone, to the actors, however. Keep in mind that the script and story doesn't have to be perfect for a B movie.
  3. Hire a crew. You'll need some cameramen, video editors, sound editors, etc. These people need to be people that are good with technology. Find people that are good at working with cameras for the cameramen. A good way to find video editors is on a video website. If you find a video that is well edited, contact the maker of that video and offer that person a job. Just make sure that you have enough money to pay your crew.
  4. Find a cast. Find some people that would be willing to act in your B movie. This could be your friends, random people on the streets, etc. Make sure that you have found a good number of people that are interested. You will need to audition them to test out their acting abilities. Once you have found the cast, have them rehearse their lines and their acts. Have them do dress rehearsals, where they dress up in the costumes and act out their parts. However, in the end you will need to pay your cast. Make sure that you'll have enough money to pay your cast.
  5. Shoot the film. Once you think the actors are prepared, start shooting the film. Pay attention to tiny details when filming your B movie. Make sure that you look out for mistakes by the actors. Make sure that no crew equipment was visible in the shots. Pay attention to slip ups in the acting.
  6. Music. Try not to use other people's music because you'll then have to pay the artists. Instead, try to have your sound engineers work something out for your movie. They could develop a score for your B movie by using other programs and keyboards.
  7. Edit. Now, make sure that you are watching your editors edit your scenes. Make sure that things work the way you want them to. If you need to, you could try editing the scenes yourself to make sure that things look the way you want them to. Just make sure that you know how to edit the scenes.
  8. Put it all together. Have the editors put the scenes together according to your script. Once all the scenes have been put in order, overlay the scenes with the music score. Make sure the music isn't too loud or played in the wrong parts. Add all the final touches and your B movie is good to go!
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