How To Make A Bachelor Party Scavenger Hunt

Learning how to make a bachelor party scavenger hunt is a great way to add some flair and excitement to the party. Sure, anybody can plan a boring bachelor party, but taking the extra time to add something new and fun to the event will show your buddy that you are not taking his departure into the world of matrimony lightly. A bachelor party scavenger can be fun and full of laughs. It is great way to get the good times started. 

To plan a bachelor party scavenger hunt, you will need:

  • Clues
  • Activities
  • Map
  • Prizes
  1. Take stock of who will be attending the bachelor party. It is important to take note of the people who will be attending the party,especially the bachelor. Are they the type of people who are amused by off color humor and inappropriate behavior? If so, then your scavenger hunt list should include things like getting a girls tampon, or trading underpants with a girl. However, if the group is a little more sophisticated, then the list should contain tasks that are little more highbrow in nature.
  2. The intent should be to get the groom to loosen up and embarrass him a little bit. Your list should include things that will make the groom step outside of his element. This will in turn loosen him up and get the night off to a roaring good start. At the same time, you want to keep in mind that this is his bachelor party, and you do not want to include tasks that he would morally object to; at no time do you want to make him too uncomfortable.
  3. Include alcohol. The bachelor party scavenger can be kind of tame unless you get alcohol involved. Otherwise, it is just a group of men running around doing really inane things. So, make sure you include some drinking into your list. This will really get things loosened up. 
  4. Make it an all night event. The bachelor party scavenger hunt does not need to be an exclusive event that has a beginning time and an end time. Instead, it can just happen naturally throughout the night. This way, you are never fully focused on the hunt. Instead, it kind of becomes a running joke that everyone can get behind. 
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