How To Make A Backyard Soccer Goal

Figuring out how to make a backyard soccer goal is easy. You just need to have a little creativity. When you were a kid and you wanted something but couldn't afford it, what did you do? You made it yourself. Making a backyard soccer goal is no different. Use what you have lying around the house to make a decent backyard soccer goal. It's as simple as that. There's no real science to it at all. Backyard soccer goals come in all shapes and sizes, depending on the guy that throws one together. Check out some of these ideas for making backyard soccer goals.

Stuff you need:

  • Two of almost anything that stands at least 4' tall. 
  • White spray paint (optional)
  • soccer ball
  1. Garbage cans. You know those huge cylindrical garbage cans you find in a park. They make the perfect pieces for creating a backyard soccer goal. Dig this fellas. You place one can on one side, then (no surprise here) you place the other can on the other side. You can go through the trouble of measuring the space between the cans if you want to, but it's really not necessary.
  2. The newer garbage cans. You can use the plastic joints that are out now as well. Just ask your neighbor to borrow one of their garbage cans. Put yours on one side and theirs on the other. Once again, you can measure if you want. Simple stuff right?
  3. Random stuff. You could use just about anything. Just be creative. You could make a backyard soccer goal out of an old sponge basketball goal and a clothesline pole. There's no need to make the process difficult at all. Anything that stands high enough for you to easily determine a missed shot can be used. Just make sure that whatever you use has a little weight to it.
  4. The paint. Ok you FIFA nuts. Use the spray paint to draw out the regulatory lines on a soccer field. This is, of course, optional. 
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