How To Make A Baseball Headboard

Learn how to make a baseball headboard to set the tone for a sports theme bedroom. Sports are a time-honored theme for bedrooms. The details that can be added really bring the room's decor together. When you build a baseball headboard, you're sure to hit a home run! Add useful accents like a waste can full of bats, baskets of baseball gloves and balls, and a few baseball pendants to complete the look.

To make a baseball headboard, you will need:

  • Plywood
  • Pencil
  • Tape measure
  • Saw
  • Two 2 x 4 boards
  • Wood screws
  • Drill
  • Screwdriver
  • Sandpaper
  • Paintbrush
  • Primer
  • Paint:  white, red, black
  1. Cut the headboard legs. Cut the 2 x 4 boards to the desire height. Three feet is a good approximate size. You will need two matching 2 x 4s, one for each leg of the headboard.
  2. Cut the plywood. Take a sheet of plywood and measure 36 inches from one end. Cut the plywood so it is 36 inches (three feet) wide. Measure and cut the plywood so it is 3-1/2 feet tall. Adjust the size to your liking.
  3. Sketch and cut the curve on the plywood. Draw a curved half circle shape on the top of the plywood. This should resemble the top of a baseball.
  4. Sand the edges of the plywood. Remove any splinters and sand the wood.
  5. Screw the plywood to the legs. Place the large headboard piece on top of the two legs. Drill holes to start the wood screws if needed. Screw the wood screws into the legs using at least three screws per leg.
  6. Prime the headboard. Paint primer onto the headboard including the legs. Let dry.
  7. Sketch and paint a baseball on to the plywood. Use the curve at the top of the plywood and complete the baseball on headboard. Paint the headboard white and add details such as red stitching and black lettering to the baseball headboard. Let dry.
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