How To Make A Baseball Stadium Cake

Want to know how to make a baseball stadium cake? Looking for a creative cake for your little (or big) slugger this year? Try this creative yet simple baseball stadium cake. It will be a home run with your guests!

  • To make a baseball stadium cake, you will need the following items:
  • Two boxes of your favorite cake mix
  • A large rectangular sheet pan
  • White icing gel or piping tube
  • Ten Graham crackers
  • Baseball cake figures
  • Two cans of vanilla frosting
  • Green food dye
  • A box of Nerds candy
  • Four marshmallows
  • A large rectangular cardboard cake tray
  1. Make the cake for the baseball stadium cake. Bake your two boxes of cake in the rectangular pan as per the maker’s directions. Allow the cake to completely cool.
  2. Cut the cake for the baseball stadium cake.  With a sharp knife, cut the rectangular shaped cake down to a perfect square. This will be your baseball diamond. Place on the cardboard cake tray. Take the remaining piece and cut this down to two equal rectangles. Set these pieces aside. This will be your stadium seats.
  3. Frost the baseball diamond for the baseball stadium cake.  Take one can of vanilla frosting and drop 3 to 4 drops of food dye into the frosting and blend until it is the color you want for the grass, Frost the square diamond.
  4. Create the pitcher’s mound for the baseball stadium cake. Put the graham crackers in a sealed plastic bag. Crush until baby fine with rolling pin.  Create the pitcher’s mound dirt and the dirt line around all the bases.  
  5. Create the bases and pitchers stop for the stadium baseball cake.  Taking the marshmallows cut and place the 4 bases and pitchers stop in the “dirt”.
  6. Create the base lines for the stadium baseball cake. Using your white icing gel or piping tube, line your baseball field.
  7. Create the stands for your stadium baseball cake. Take you two remaining cake pieces and line them along side of the 1st and 3rd base lines. Frost the pieces with the second can of white frosting. Take the nerds candy and sprinkle them to look like the heads of the fans.
  8. Allow the players to take the field for the baseball stadium cake. Take your Baseball figures and arrange them on the field. The baseball stadium cake is ready to serve!


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